I originally made this blog because I found that I really enjoyed writing and I needed to get random stuff out of my head sometimes. I find that if I go too long without clearing things out (and praying about things), I end up over-thinking stuff and lose focus on life and my trust in God. I was somewhat “inspired” to start this blog by a friend who blogs. I found that I could relate with some of her thoughts and, although she writes to be an encouragement to others, I realized that writing is an excellent way to organize one self’s thoughts.

As I’ve continued writing though, it’s become increasingly apparent to me that this is an excellent way to reach people with (what I pray is) biblical truths. I have a desire to help people understand God’s word if I can, and writing a blog is one way I can at least attempt to do that.

About me; I am graciously saved by God and dedicated to growing in holiness to glorify him, from southern Ontario, home-schooled right through high school (I’m not that weird believe me), married to my wonderful wife Alicia, enjoy Minecraft and Rocket League too much, and love hockey (go Flames!) and photography (although I do neither myself). The most important of all those things is my salvation and continued sanctification, which are both things I seek to see formed others.