God’s version of salvation is (humanly) foolish

Now. Going around and saying that salvation is stupid may not be taken very well by many Christians, or be entirely accurate, but humanly speaking, that's exactly how salvation is naturally viewed by us as sinful people. Hearing that may make some people uncomfortable, but I'd like to point to a passage that says exactly that, and see how it should help us view being saved and how we should witness with it in mind.

Short thoughts – assurance of salvation

I don't really have a lot of time to write this week, but wanted to share something that I've been thinking of. Sometimes people struggle with assurance of their salvation. It's not wrong to wonder at our sincerity at times or doubt our genuineness. We still sin and it can be disheartening to see our … Continue reading Short thoughts – assurance of salvation

The jealousy of God

Jealousy. The very word often induces uneasy feelings, and most would agree that it's an unhealthy state of mind. A jealous person is not one to be messed with and often cannot think straight. In fact, jealousy is such a bad thing that the Bible states that people who practice jealousy "will not inherit the kingdom of God" (Gal. 5:19-21) along with the people who live in things like sexual immorality, fits of anger and drunkenness. So why in the world would God describe Himself as "jealous"?

How to tell whether we’re being patient or stubborn while trusting God

Every Christian has had situations where their trust in God has been tested, and some of us have had more difficult and trying situations than others. These situations could often be considered trials, and most Christians know what God says about trials; although unpleasant at the time, trials are for our good and will help us grow to be more like Christ as we learn from them.

How should we (as Christians) respond to giving?

I've been considering giving, particularly in comparison to God's love for us. The giving I've mainly considered is the kind where someone gives someone else something that they don't deserve, purely (hopefully) out of the kindness of their hearts. We see it a lot between friends; people give gifts like food, sweaters, shoes, jewelery, sports goods, etc. to each other, just because they care about their friend and think their gift would benefit their friend in some way. Sometimes people give someone that they aren't particularly close with, or may not even know at all, something like I listed above for the express purpose of being kind. Another situation is where the item being given is very valuable.

First post

So the default first blog post text says that I can use this space to explain why I made this blog and where it's going, and I suppose that's because a sense of direction might get some people interested or coming back. Direction is comforting and gives a sense of stability, and if I am to help people think through their own lives and provoke constructive thoughts like I enjoy doing, I need to be or at least give the impression of one who is reasonably stable and can provide that kind of encouragement. My pastor likes to joke by using the phrase "illusion of competence", and I will be up front and say that I am trying to achieve just that.